Greta Climate Strike
Sep 20

Striking the Climate Strike

I didn't Strike for the Climate today. Did you? I even said I was going to hand out EmissionsTax Propaganda - "Incentives and the Environment". Greta Thunberg, a 17 year old Sweedish Environmental Activist has been getting a lot of attention lately. This was written #Pre-Covid , or before the

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Carbon Tax Won't Save Environment
Dec 11

No, a Carbon Tax Won’t Save the Environment

A Carbon Tax can't save the environment, but an EmissionsTax can. Yes, a Carbon Tax is Funded by Fossil Fuel Companies. So is the Carbon Fee and Dividend. There sure is a lot of information being released about a Carbon Tax lately. EmissionsTax... not so much. Why? Because there is

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How Amazon Kills Retail
May 09

How Amazon is Unfairly Hurting Communities

How Amazon and Large Online Retailers Are Hurting Communities Online shopping is convenient and you can often find great deals by comparing various internet shopping sites. How are they able to pay for shipping and packaging while offering low prices. Two words - Property Tax Sorry we had use such

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Robots Take Our Jobs
Dec 18

Pricing Pollution Can Limit Jobs Lost to Robots

If Robots Take All the Jobs Imagine a future without many jobs; a world where robots and artificial intelligence handle most all human needs - from providing our food and manufacturing our goods with machines to analyzing data and scheduling our lives with AI. Sounds like a pretty cushy existence, but what

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Reasons Why People Don't Recycle
Oct 27

Why People Don’t Recycle More

Why People Don't Recycle It always amazes me at how much effort and resources we consume obtaining resources, destroying our environment only to bury those same, refined materials as trash. It's easy to foresee a future where we have to dig everything back up to re-use, expending even more energy.

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