Global Warming is Real, and It Is Caused by Humans

To most Americans and people of the world, it is no secret that Global Warming and climate change is happening and that we are the cause. It is also well known that the effects of our pollution are leading to wide spread climate change, species extinction, health issues, drought and sea level rise. Not good….

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Why Do We Hate Taxes?

A Thought From the Other Side While doing research for this, I had the opportunity to speak with a gentleman that was featured in an environmental documentary about my plan for the formation of this organization . When I told him of my surprise that no one has tackled this issue with the specific…

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Be A Founding Donor

The entire world will benefit from an Emissions Tax – even the main polluters.   Become a founding donor to speed up the development and implementation of a plan that will save our environment; our home.

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