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Emissions Tax is an Environmental Policy Think Tank and Strategic Consultancy. Consisting of Scientists, Economists, Researchers, Marketers and Lobbyists, we are here to move discussion of environmental issues in the right direction.

While all the other environmental policy experts have been regurgitating the same inept recommendations, Emissions Tax was formed. Weary from the over optimism of most renewables industry leaders, we have been building a network of assets to take meaningful action on the issues that are starting to affect our planet detrimentally in the 21st Century – now. During this same period, countless solar companies have gone bankrupt, a President that denies Climate Change was elected, the ocean levels, temperatures and greenhouse gas emissions have risen along with the salaries of “Environmental” Leaders and heads of Non-Profits.

A different direction in environmental policy and stewardship has never been so necessary. An Elitist view is not and has never worked.

An Emissions Tax is more than just a Carbon Tax.

It encompasses all emissions to the air, water and soil <– Read the Draft Plan

EmissionsTax.org is a group of people, businesses and environmental organizations dedicated to bringing to the forefront the issues of Global Warming and Environmental Degradation.

This discussion will lead to the creation of a fair and balanced proposal for an Emissions Tax in the United States; one that considers all sides of the issue.

Pricing toxic emissions and greenhouse gases is the only way we can curb pollution to our air, water and ecology.

The numbers still need to be worked out and tested, but doesn’t it make sense? Working together will ensure this great project of the 21st Century is done fairly for all mankind.

Robert Tanguay, Founder of Emissions Tax


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