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Are our current incentives regarding the creation and emissions of pollution fair? Do they promote the type of behavior that protects and restores the environment?

In this book, we will discuss the environment and the incentives that go into how humans behave and interact with it. I care about the health of the world I live in, the people and creatures that inhabit it, my family, my future, and every other facet of the environment, just like most people do. With the writing of Incentives and the Environment, you may say I care little more.

Still, most rational people worry about these issues, even if they can’t fully articulate them. We all know the Earth is warming, that pollution is bad, and that our stock of trees and animal species is dwindling – we see that in our everyday lives. What I believe most people don’t examine are the root causes of these problems.

That is my job; a mission that I chose for myself, with this book that you are reading as the best route to do so. The very essence of our environmental problems is economics; the way we use our resources. Most specifically, the pricing of these items, who owns or controls them, and the extreme under-pricing of Earth’s natural, public resources such as air and water.

There are plenty of books and very good documentaries available, many of which I’ve watched or read, and you may have too. They have specific numbers and graphs and all types of interesting facts and tidbits. You are not going to find much of that here, at least in the 1st edition. Instead, Incentives and the Environment will focus on explaining the concepts that pertain to the incentives people and organizations have, and how they relate to the environment – our air, water, and earth.

The concept of global warming, climate change, pollution and finite resources are quite self-apparent to most moderately thought individuals. I don’t want to argue too deeply those points in this book. What I do want to bring to the attention of the public, environmental groups and activists is my belief, through years of reading, deep thought, research and experience, that there is no way that we will ever get meaningful change to the pollution and degradation of our environment unless we align the immediate incentives of people with that of conservation.

The goal of Incentives and the Environment is to get people thinking about how we could greatly improve the world we live in with the proper incentives set in place; incentives to protect and repair the environment.

This book should be considered the most thought provoking work of our time; a guidebook for environmentalists, economists, lawmakers and politicians in the task of saving our planet. It is clear discussion for our leaders in the business world and the general public that goes to work every day to provide for their families and make a better life for themselves.

This conversation has not yet happened, which is why, with great honor, I present to you Incentives and the Environment.


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