Emissions Tax for Mining

First of all, I want to thank the mining industry for their current work and great history of delivering the energy an materials society depends upon and that we all enjoy to this day. With that said, we do need to discuss the benefits to the mining industry should we enact an Emissions Tax.

Though one might not think that the mining industry would benefit in any way from an Emissions Tax, there are some benefits to be held by mining companies and the people that work for them. Additionally, mining firms should invest in carbon capture and land reclamation technologies.


Retrofitting the world to go green will take a lot of materials. Most of these materials will need to be mined. Mining outfits that run smooth, pollution efficient operation will be better able to compete in the new Emission Tax marketplace.

Energy Storage/Batteries – Batteries are full of mined materials like lithium, nickle, cadmium and lead.

Solar Industry – Solar panels use a lot of silicon, cadmium, copper and aluminum which will need to be pulled from the earth.


Increased Value of Mined Materials      More Skilled Jobs

Efficient Mining Outfits Win                    Capture/Re-purpose Opportunity

Competitive Innovation                           Market Fairness for Environment

Lower Income Tax for Worker                Lower Employment Tax

Tax Credits for Land Reclaimation



Mining Labor and Safety              Efficient Mining Companies

Carbon Capture Technology        Installation Labor

Energy Consumers                        Design Engineers


Mining Industry Work

Thank You Mining Industry

The mining industry and materials they produce have built the world in which we live. We look forward to making a Plan for an Emissions Tax fair and equitable for miners, mining companies and our environment for generations to come.



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