Trump Become Great Leader
Nov 19

Dear President Trump, Please Protect the Environment

Trump Become Great Leader

Trump Contemplates Protecting the Environment – Photo by Gage Skidmore


Dear President Trump,

Congratulations on your grassroots campaign turned to being elected the President of the United States. While I do disagree with you on many issues, I commend your ability to speak strongly and lead with such conviction, and say some of the things many Americans feel. While I have many opinions on topics I would rather someone else handle for me within reason, I know with great certainty that our environment and natural infrastructure is declining rapidly, not just in America, but throughout the world.

We are cutting down trees and forests at a record clip to make room for housing developments in the countryside. We are stressing our fresh water supplies to grow corn for sugar and agricultural feed in deserts. Clogged streets are affecting the health of children by increasing cancer and asthma rates in poor and rich communities alike.

Trees clean our air, water and soil. They absorb carbon from our atmosphere and replace it with fresh air, whether you believe in Global Warming or not. Forests provide a habitat for wildlife and a recreational space for us all.

I could continue to discuss these matters in greater detail but that is not the point of this letter. On November 9th you reached out to all Americans to come to you  with ways we can work together. The point is that a majority of Americans and a great deal of your supporters believe in the importance of a clean environment and that climate change is real and caused by humans.

Please protect the environment by creating incentives not to pollute, with mechanisms with an emissions tax. This will reduce pollution without forcing people to discontinue use of fossil fuels or other pollution, allowing the free market to decide by fairly pricing that pollution. Our natural resources and ecosystems are an asset to the health of all people and the survival of life on Earth.


Perhaps you should read “Incentives and the Environment

or learn about the Emissions Tax Plan to Lower Income Tax, Price Pollution and Fund Liabilities.

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