Why Price Pollution?

Most pollution is free to emit. Cleaning it up is expensive. With nearly all of the worlds economic activity causing pollution, we need to price all types of emission in alignment with it’s environmental and ecological impact.

By pricing pollution, great incentive will be great incentive for people and companies of all sizes to reduce the pollution their activities produce, but the freedom to operate in the same manner.

Greenhouse Gases and Global Warming

There are a lot of environmental policies out there, with most incorporating a carbon tax. While a carbon tax would lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, the price per ton of greenhouse gas, or carbon emissions would have to be really high to affect consumer behavior. Energy is an important commodity. We all use it, with Americans (which I am mostly proud to be one) topping the list of energy usage per capita.

Job Liquidity

Pollution hurts labor. All machines and automation require energy – both to manufacture and operate. Vehicles are machines, so are bicycles. Energy is polluting. Even solar power and renewables. They require infrastructure (solar panels), storage and transportation/transmission. This creates pollution.

While pollution does raise worker productivity, much of it is retained in the capital businesses require to operate.

Why Lower Income Taxes?

In the US, Income Taxes are paid by businesses and employees alike. An EmissionsTax would lower income taxes at all brackets to compensate for the price of pollution.

Most people and businesses would like to to lower their income taxes regardless of the reason why.


Income Tax Already Exists. Lower It to Save the Planet

There are a lot environmental plans out there. Emissions Tax is the only one that begins by lowering income tax. We do this to balance out the costs of pricing pollution.

Anyone can benefit from this extra cash flow, and it will strengthen the value of emissions pricing.

The IRS or taxing authority in your country would still maintain their full compacity and aid in the collection of the emissions taxing. These government institutions exist worldwide.


Why Lower Income Taxes with EmissionsTax

An Emissions Tax Plan would lower all Income Taxes including Social Security, Medicare and all Federal Income Based Taxation would be lowered, or if possible removed, for individuals and businesses alike.


No Choice in How Taxes Are Spent

Unless you are rich and powerful, you do not have a say in how the taxes you pay get spent. The only thing you can do is earn less taxable income.

Yes, you can vote for a representative, but your choice may not win. If your candidate is elected, they may not do what they promised. Even if they do what they promised, they are just a fraction of the government.

If you choose not to vote, you still have to pay taxes. You have to follow laws, usually for good cause, though often at the benefit of someone else.

All these things happen regardless of whether contrived or of natural occurrence.


Freedom from Financial Burden

The only thing everyone is born with is their body and mind, or soul as I believe. When you are grown, if you are healthy, you can labor your body and mind for income.

Capitalism provides a market if there is demand for your services.

In democratic societies, there is a social contract, or agreement within ones person (you) and the government to provide certain right to individuals upon birth. In the United States, where I was born, it is called the Constitution.


The Right to Earn Income

Income is a person’s ability to live within society. Income is opportunity to change things, live better and provide for family. To handle obligations.

Maintaining society takes a lot of resources. Society produces capital, or money, to be used by private and public interests. We all have an obligation to repay the debt to public, such as schools if we are so fortunate to have a way of earning income.


Your Responsibility to Society

While we don’t choose to be born to this world, we all benefit from what society has provided. There is more food, there is more and better shelter.

This is because of the infrastructure that was built from many generations. Our parents and grandparents built and maintained the world we live in with roads, bridges, buildings, hospitals and technology.


EmissionsTax - Lower Income Tax, Price Pollution, Fund Liabilities


Not All Societies’ Rewards Shared Equally

Billionaires should start showing their tax payments. (This could be a whole article)

With an Emissions Tax, you would still pay an Income Tax, but it would be much lower. We’re talking HALF or MORE lower income taxes.

Paying a fraction of the current Income Tax rates for both employees and corporations would create more incentive to work.



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