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Competition in America and the World

Is America Competitive
Are the Institutions and Large Businesses in America and Worldwide Competitive?

Picture a baseball team, or any sports team if you don’t like baseball.

In professional sports, only the best players get a shot at playing. After generations of highly optimized training systems, the bar of play has continuously risen. People do amazing things in regular season games.

Sports at any level are competitive. It’s a good thing.

Now picture America. Compare it to a professional sports team. Are the best people in the “starting” line up? I would argue not.

America is run, for the most part, by heredity — rich and powerful families. They have the money, all the capital accumulated over generations, since before the United States was created. And so, they have all the political power.

They use this political power to maintain their wealth and privilege, like Kings of Mountains, knocking competition down through laws, propaganda and sheer force.

They use their wealth and privilege to acquire more assets, consistently consolidating industries from thousands of small businesses into a handful of mega-corporations. Using this concentrated power, they control the distribution of thought and information through the mainstream media.

It produces events like the Corona Virus Over — Hype of 2020, in where small businesses were shuttered for months, benefiting publicly traded companies like WMT and AMZN doubly by increasing demand for services in their sector while shutting down their competition.

Not only have publicly traded corporations been getting hand outs through incentives for workers to throw pre-tax money into the casino know as Wall Street for decades, they received most of the money from government bailouts in 2008, but again in 2020.

The Federal Reserve is now buying corporate bonds, or the bad bets of bankers, to prop up the current financial system. They are printing money to fill bank accounts because the banks are over leveraged.

This action keeps their system in power through heredity instead of merit or diversity. It is not competitive.

Great, But Look at What We Have

While things are better in many ways from the past, there is arguably less opportunity then once was. Housing, Healthcare and Education are all more expensive than the used to be. All people except the richest are getting paid less than they used to when adjusted for inflation.

More people, less land. All of the Earth is claimed. Industries are consolidated. Technology is patented. Most of the copyrighted works of the past and current are owned by a few media conglomerates like Disney and NBC.

Netflix Studios, Amazon Studios – new players to the game with huge distribution.

There is the Earth — the air we breathe and the natural environment. If you are born without money, you have no control over these things.

Now, in order to participate in the economy, you have to give up your body and mind. No privacy.

While I type this, my Surface is beginning to overheat. Is that because Microsoft is training their AI off of my labor? Are my thoughts being analyzed and recorded in real time?

If not, will they be?

The machines they use to do this creates pollution. Pricing Pollution Can Limit Jobs Lost to Robots. Pollution destroys the environment. Not the local environment that can be owned, but the public environment. The kind that the losers of inherited capital, or heredity share.

Competition Creates Opportunity

That’s what I’m all about — more opportunity for more people. It is how nature works. Nature is the most efficient with the least entropy.

If we don’t conserve the resources we have, we will experience the same issues that the squirrels stuck to our streets and other life experiences when they their population outgrows the resources available to them.

All countries control their people this way.

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You will find typically, the more free a society is, the more productive their economy is. The more resilient they are. This is because of diversity.

The same diversity found in nature. Mono-culture, while specialized to certain goals, are weak to many things. Sometimes they are weak to few things, but those weaknesses are detrimental to their existence.

Dinosaurs were huge. They required lots of fresh food to live. Small mammals and bugs lived off their dead carcasses and roots after the meteor hit.

If the meek shall inherit the Earth, perhaps we should make it as fair and equitable as possible while we are here.

But the people that rule the world have little competition, so they are more interested in holding onto and expanding their power at the least cost to themselves.

Aliens Could Destroy Us if We Don’t Destroy Ourselves

Say the progress of society comes to a screeching halt. Large corporations continue to grow, consolidating capital and political power.

Either the environment will be destroyed, or people will be. The rich won’t let the environment be destroyed for them, so that simple means stop overpopulation

Enter Corona Virus — and other eugenics type stuff.

But that world would be weak — lacking in true competition. If aliens were to come, they would be able to destroy whoever is left.


It would be lacking in diversity. Organic brains are some 1,000,000 times more efficient at solving problems than computers. Few Humans, lots of machines, little nature……

Disease, Terminator, EMP from sun, running out of fuel — all a death sentence.

But there is another solution — Creating the Right Incentives with EmissionsTax

Mutt Dogs live the Longest. Diversity is the Strongest.

Let’s create more opportunity, and in the end, more competion.

Robert Tanguay

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