Pollution hurts your health. It hurts the natural balance of the planet and life it contains.

Unfortunately, if you take steps to reduce your consumption and pollution, you don’t easily benefit. That’s why we published “Incentives and the Environment”

Emissions Taxes

Lower Income Tax, Price Pollution, Fund Liabilities

An Emissions Tax would place a tax on pollution – greenhouse gasses and toxic emissions such as CO₂, Carbon Monoxide, Sulfur and particulates that are devastating to our environment and harmful to human health. Climate Change is caused by greenhouse gas emissions; primarily carbon and methane emissions from energy such as electricity and transportation or from livestock.

An “Emissions Tax” as we propose would create incentive to reduce or capture pollution emissions by pricing them according to environmental impact.

Read the full Emissions Tax Plan see how it will reduce pollution globally.

Protect the Earth

EmissionsTax is good for the earth. Here’s why.


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Is Global Warming Real?

We know how difficult a concept it is…..

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Carbon Emissions From Combustion

Here is the total worldwide carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels by country and percentage of global emissions contributing to global warming and climate change.
United States15%
Top 5 Countries58%
Rest of the World42%
Carbon Tax Won't Save Environment
Billion Tons of CO2

The United States released 5.27 Billion Tons of carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels for transportation and energy.



signed the Paris Accord to lower carbon emissions in 2016.

percent increase, roughly

in greenhouse gas levels worldwide since signing.

source: World Meteorological Organization

EmissionsTax Environmental Memes

Anthing it takes to get the point across and inspire discussion on environment and economics.

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EmissionsTax is off the chain! Real Talk- Heath Ledger's Spirit
Seriously, when I heard ``Emissions Tax`` I was all like, that sounds lame. Why would I want my Emissions Taxed? But then I thought about the polar bears and Al Gore and I was like ``I hate hockey``.

I also hate paying income tax, pollution and worrying about social security.. so now I know EmissionsTax is legit.- Not Amy

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