Carbon Tax Won't Save Environment
Dec 11

No, a Carbon Tax Won’t Save the Environment

Carbon Tax Won't Save Environment
A Carbon Tax can’t save the environment, but an EmissionsTax can.

Yes, a Carbon Tax is Funded by Fossil Fuel Companies. So is the Carbon Fee and Dividend.

There sure is a lot of information being released about a Carbon Tax lately. EmissionsTax… not so much.

Why? Because there is no funding for EmissionsTax. The narrative, just like with tobacco, is being controlled by special interests. They pay the groups that spread their messages, fund their fundraising efforts to buy ads, award millions to charities and organizations that do their bidding.

A quick search of “largest environmental organizations” brought me to a Forbes list and so I clicked on the Conservation Fund’s stats.

Expensive Environmental Action – 2010 Conservation Fund Revenues, Expenses and President’s Pay Source: Forbes

So in 2010 (almost 10 years ago), the Conservation Fund paid Lawrence Selzer over $600,000 to lead the organization. That year, they took in 171 million dollars and spent 194 million – loosing 23 million dollars. Certainly a non-profit.

In 2018, funding was zero. Not a good year. Telling the truth doesn’t pay well. I have opened a new business, New England Marketing & Efficiency, along with studying programming and building my web development skills.

The Conservation Fund is not alone in their earnings in environmental stewardship. They have surely done some amazing things.

The top 14 Environment/Animal organizations have a total of over 2.5 billion dollars in revenue for 2010 alone, according to Forbes. That number is likely to be approaching 4 billion by now.

So what have they accomplished with all that money and how does it relate to Carbon Taxes and Dividends?

They all seem to support those initiatives. According to Bloomberg, Exxon has pledged 1 million dollars to an upstart Carbon Tax initiative. Could it be linked to funding? Why are they ignoring EmissionsTax?

Here is an explanation of the difference between a Carbon Tax and Emissions Tax.

 EmissionsTax is founded simple on the following three parts:

This will incentivize labor and efficiency over pollution and haste.

The Proposed Carbon Tax Solutions

Carbon Taxes as proposed aren’t sufficient. They price carbon too low to change consumer behavior.

A lot of the plans offer a rebate or dividend. UBI is Bad for the Environment, yet the plans often often propose a Carbon Tax.

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