Solar Industry Benefits

Solar Power is clean energy. By taxing emissions, solar panels and power systems will not be taxed directly and become more competitive to traditional fossil fuels for energy.

By making the marketplace fair in consideration for the environment, the solar industry will see an increase in demand, further pushing solar and other renewable energy technologies forward and lowering their price.

There are emissions in the manufacture of solar panels (source), and would be taxed as well, initially raising the cost of solar panel manufacturing slightly as most of the emissions generated are captured already.

Currently, flourinated greenhouse gasses are emitted while cutting solar  wafers.

The Solar Industry would compete to reduce waste so they can offer lower prices or have more profits.


Increased Solar Panel Demand     More Installations/Jobs

Robust Energy Grid (Distributed   Less Devastating Power Outages

Competitive Innovation                  Market Fairness for Environment

Lower Income Tax                           Lower Employment Tax


Solar Panel Manufacturers           Solar Panel Installation Companies

Solar Sales Organizations             Installation Labor

Energy Consumers                        Local Electricians

Design Engineers                           Energy Companies

A Popular Method of Cutting up Solar Panels Releases Flourinated Gasses approx 18,000 times more potent than Carbon Dioxide.
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