Is America Competitive
Jul 17

Competition in America and the World

Are the Institutions and Large Businesses in America and Worldwide Competitive? Picture a baseball team, or any sports team if you don’t like baseball. In professional sports, only the best players get a shot at playing. After generations of highly optimized training systems, the bar of play has continuously risen.

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Universal Basic Income - Good or Bad?
Dec 27

Is Universal Basic Income Good or Bad?

Universal Basic Income is bad for the environment and good for large companies. UBI is Bad for the Environment but Helps Fossil Fuel, Big Tech and Large Corporations It sounds great — guaranteed income paid monthly for every adult man or woman. It is the cornerstone of Presidential candidate Andrew

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Presidential Candidates 2020
Nov 17

Environmental Policy Debate Challenge in New Hampshire – 2020 Presidential Candidates

Dear 2020 Presidential Candidate, You are formally invited to discuss and debate Environmental and Economic Policy - EmissionsTax, in Manchester, New Hampshire before or during the Presidential Primaries (February 11th, 2020 in NH). Moderated by me, Robert Tanguay, Founder of EmissionsTax, Author of “Incentives and the Environment”, Environmental Lobbyist, New

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Smoke Stack Emissions
Oct 20

The British Carbon Emissions Tax

British Carbon Tax to Price Greenhouse Gas Emissions A tax on carbon dioxide ( CO2) emissions would take effect November 4th, 2019 should the United Kingdom not strike a deal by the Brexit deadline. Currently, England is subject to the European Union's Emissions Trading Scheme, which is a form of

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