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The only way to get people and businesses to respect our air, water and earth is to create incentive to do so. People do what is in their perceived best interests (read “Incentives and the Environment”), including with the environment. Currently, there is more incentive to pollute than conserve.

Our mission is clear – to create and enact a plan that will incentivize good stewardship of the planet in which we all live. First we must get attention and educate the public and business communities at how an Emissions Tax will benefit them. We need your help.

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The easiest way to help out is to donate cash money. We have a lot of work to do, and currently, EmissionsTax is self funded by Founder Robert Tanguay. The goal of $40,000 USD will allow him to create content and advertise. Otherwise, he will have to work at a sales job selling junk to support his son as he helps the world catch up to the concept of incentivizing good environmental behavior.

There is no time to waste, and your donation ensures that none will be.

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Before “Incentives and the Environment” was written, people were only talking about eating less meat and recycling to protect the environment. This self-published book clearly discusses the connection between capitalism, environment and economics.

Being the hardworking individual that Robert Tanguay is, he’d rather have you buy something of value than ask for a handout. Please purchase Incentives and the Environment, read it, review it, and share. Getting the word out is of most importance.

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EmissionsTax has the most provoking thought out of any environmental organizations. Our solutions are correct, vetted through commentary with top renewables leaders without rebuttal. Be associated with truth. Learn how to stop throwing your advertising money away.

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We are not supreme rulers. Your feedback is imperative to our success. We are, however, confident that we have a great plan that will actually reverse climate change and strengthen our economy. The problem is that no one knows about it. This is where we most need your help. A lot of money goes into pushing agendas that will do little to no action to halt global warming or create a sustainable economic environment that incentivizes businesses to be efficient.

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