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Advertise Your Green Project, Product or Service

At EmissionsTax, we have a big mission – we are trying to save the planet. This requires a lot of hard work and resources. We need outside funding to do a good job.

Luckily, a lot of people will benefit from this project, and there is a lot of money to be made by pricing pollution and valuing our natural resources. Let your customers know that you support progressive work on the environment by supporting our cause by purchasing advertising on this site and our other works. Our success will increase the value of your work and make the impact that is so desperately needed.

Ways to Advertise

There are many different ways to advertise to people that care about the environment, are in the renewables industry, or could use your product or service. We can come up with a custom solution for your needs and to reach your target audience. We have in house distribution, and are innovators just like you. There is no excuse for us to not create a sustainable economy. Here’s how we can do it:

Sponsor an Article

We are the cutting edge of environmental thought. The proof is in the the domain name that you are looking at. combines economics and the environment. We have other online assets as well. We will prominently feature your message in our article, and work with your marketing department to promote it with part of the proceeds and non-compete resources. The content we create changes minds, and we have a stack of it to create. We’ll pick one that’s right for you. Join us.


With this form of content, you have much more say in what is put out, or you can provide some or all of the content yourself. We’ll distribute it much more effectively through our networks and ad buys, giving you more for your marketing dollar, all while supporting our good work. (Subject to Editor Approval) Let’s Chat.

Video, Audio, Visual Content

We can make you YouTube videos, Info graphics, Cartoons and other edgy, yet informative viral media the gets eyeballs and moves hearts.

Additionally, we can appear on your shows both live or virtually, guest blog, or make an opinion editorial. We can bring original thought to your podcast, blog or show for at low cost or for trade. Make Some Moves.

 Custom Marketing and Partnership Solutions

Whatever your organizations specific goal, as long as it involves either the environment or efficiency, Emissions Tax is a valuable resource for your product or project. We will put our minds to work to make big things happen. Contact Us now to make progress in conservation.

This Seems Kind of Low Budget and Risqué

I know. It’s great, isn’t it?

Your resources are limited. In marketing, it’s all about return on investment (ROI).

Love or hate Donald Trump – he’s our president, spending only a fraction of the resources to obtain his position. He was in your face telling the “truth”.

We are the same way, only, we are actually telling the truth. Invest in EmissionsTax and we’ll produce top quality results that get eyeballs at a fraction of the cost, and we’re always getting better. This took one hour to make:

Let me tell you how I could make it better with your support. Let’s print our own green, clean capital.


Robert Tanguay
Founder of

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