Greta Climate Strike
Sep 20

Striking the Climate Strike

I didn’t Strike for the Climate today. Did you? I even said I was going to hand out EmissionsTax Propaganda – “Incentives and the Environment“.

Greta Thunberg, a 17 year old Sweedish Environmental Activist has been getting a lot of attention lately.

This was written #Pre-Covid , or before the “CoronaVirus pandemic“.

Do you think government intervention will be the end of climate strikes, protests or even public gatherings? Does healthcare and vaccination cause pollution?

Recorded March 16th, 2020

Here’s what I thought about the climate strike, economy and environmental policy before the Corona virus greatly dampered the world economy.

Too Many Bills to Strike

Here’s the thing. I had work. So much, I didn’t go into the office. I was going to ride my bike downtown and get video of the protests. It’s a nice day, but I wasn’t sure if there was anyone out striking in my city.

I have to pick my kids up from daycare in a couple hours, plus it’s my turn to pay. Greta’s not gonna help me do that. Gotta make this time count.

Perhaps if my career were curated by Mom| for me by Dad while I was beginning high school, I would be more prepared to profit from the strike (both Greta’s parents were aristocratic performers, with their parents being actors as well).

Good Girl, Greta

Sorry to be hating on her. I actually think what she has done is great. I wish I could do that; rally up support for people to go on the streets and march for the marketing of your organization (reference to Bill McKibbon’s of 350org tweet above).

I’m working on ways to do that, albeit, slowly.

So, while I applaud the attention she has garnered, it is not proposing any solution. It is only stating facts; arguing things that have already been settled in the climate debate. When 97% of scientist agree on something, you are wasting time repeating the same points or “facts”.

Scientists have done their job for now. This is a policy issue.

Out of Touch with Environmental Incentives

Most scientists come from some sort of academia, some link to money. If they don’t come from means, they work for the elite institutions and universities. Big endowments and lots of special interests. The kind of interests that have media connections and the ability to create a movement.

Policy by the Elite, For the Elite

They are not everyday working people. Even if they can understand the needs of the poor and middle class, their own interests are usually opposite of the people they serve (see “Incentives and the Environment: Society by Class“).

While they should have some input and consideration with environmental and economic policy, they should not get the majority stake. But currently, the elite make our environmental policy.

If you haven’t read this yet, it should be done after finishing this article.

All I can see is more push for a Carbon Tax – which will not solve the problem of pollution. There are organizations would certainly benefit from a hastily drafted policy; one that protects their assets and business operations.

These kids skipping school don’t understand that. Neither do the adults skipping work or parents that let their kids do it. They were working for free for the policy leaders. “Help me save the Earth on your terms!” is what they are effectively saying.

Why am I going to work for the environmental elite when they have ignored Emissions Tax for years?

That’s why I’m protesting the Climate Strike of 2019. If you went to work or school or whatever obligations you had on Climate Strike Day ….

EmissionsTax Benefits Working People

Lower income tax. Why? Because the base rate of your labor is pollution free. It comes from your soul. It comes from your knowledge and skill. It is a right as a free person. Income tax will still exist, but will much lower to make up for the increased…..

Pricing of pollution. It’s not good for our environment, and consequentially, our health. It would encourage people to clean up their own messes and reward those that save. Isn’t that how we’ve all been raised?

Fund Liabilities We are talking Social Security and Medicare or the equivalent of the health care/social programs in your country. Pollution is the cause of many health issues.

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