Why Do We Hate Taxes?

A Thought From the Other Side While doing research for this EmissionsTax.org, I had the opportunity to speak with a gentleman that was featured in an environmental documentary about my plan for the formation of this organization . When I told him of my surprise that no one has tackled this issue with the specific label of “Emissions Tax”, he immediately replied “No one likes taxes.” This is true, no one likes taxes (well, most people don’t like taxes). Still, we pay them everyday – from sales tax, property tax, income tax, capital gains tax, corporate profits tax, meals and room tax, medicare and social security tax, fuel tax and many others. Benjamin Franklin said it best, proclaiming “Nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Why We Pay Taxes Taxes fund Federal, State and Local governments and public projects across the world. This funding is used to sustain roads, bridges and other infrastructure that communities need to thrive. Taxes pay for our military, police, fire departments, schools, health care, research and regulation. Society would crumble without tax revenues, and even recently,  effects are being felt in first world countries such as Greece. Taxes Change Behavior Another, … Continue reading Why Do We Hate Taxes?