Why People Don’t Recycle More

Why People Don’t Recycle It always amazes me at how much effort and resources we consume obtaining resources, destroying our environment only to bury those same, refined materials as trash. It’s easy to foresee a future where we have to dig everything back up to re-use, expending even more energy. At least it will create jobs, right? This article is to discuss the reasons why people and business don’t recycle and ways we can change that. Let’s get started. It is Inconvenient to Recycle Most people take the path of least resistance with their daily routine, constantly refining it to remove the inconveniences to become more productive. This practice is so popular that countless self help books have been written about the topic. People with enough money pay others to for their inconveniences, including trash removal. The condo I live in only picks up trash from a bin even though our city recycles, most apartments are the same way. Many rural areas do not recycle have limited recycling capabilities. When out in the public, there are only trash receptacles, if you can find them. While most can fight the urge to litter, few will carry around a plastic bottle to … Continue reading Why People Don’t Recycle More