If Robots Take All the Jobs Imagine a future without many jobs; a world where robots and artificial intelligence handle most all human needs – from providing our food and manufacturing our goods with machines to analyzing data and scheduling our lives with AI.┬áSounds like a pretty cushy existence, but what would the world look like? Would our lives be better? Robots and Artificial Intelligence is Capital Many business leaders and technologists are calling “The Rise of Robots” overtaking human work an inevitability. Currently, robots and other machinery are property – the property of consumers or of businesses and corporations in the form of capital. Typically, they make jobs easier, or flat out do the job as in automation for manufacturing. This increases productivity and makes certain jobs obsolete.  As the skills and abilities of robots continue to increase, more and more jobs will become obsolete as price for automated processes decreases. Capital has no rights, robots don’t need to sleep or drink. You can work them all day, getting them to do dangerous or immoral things. Someone could make a baby butchering robot, and it could go on butchering babies all day and night. Who would want that? Hitler would … Continue reading