Pollution and GDP Per Capita; Rich and Poor Countries

Looking at economic growth, size of economy and such out of interest – a couple of insights can be gained. When you add pollution data, even more becomes apparent. Living in the United States, it is common belief that we are the richest nation in the world, and our people are among the richest, which is only partially true. The US has the largest economy, but it is only 10th in GDP (Gross Domestic Product) per Capita worldwide. Gross Domestic Product and Pollution GDP is the sum of all the goods and services produce in a country in a year – or the market value of a years economic production. The poorer countries tend to produce low tech products and services – dirty industries like mineral extraction or manufacturing. It’s cheaper to hire or produce in countries with limited environmental protections. Dump toxic manufacturing by-products into the poor people’s drinking water? No problem, we can produce leather for a fraction of the cost for you, good sir. Chemical Emissions are part of the EmissionsTax template. All goods and services create pollution upon creation, either direct or derivative. Carbon Pollution – Greenhouse Gas Emissions While many types of pollution are localized, … Continue reading Pollution and GDP Per Capita; Rich and Poor Countries