Global Warming is Real, and It Is Caused by Humans

To most Americans and people of the world, it is no secret that Global Warming and climate change is happening and that we are the cause. It is also well known that the effects of our pollution are leading to wide spread climate change, species extinction, health issues, drought and sea level rise. Not good. Scientific Consensus In 2010, an Anderegg study found that almost 97% (96.7% to be exact) of climate research scientists agreed that human activity is the primary factor in climate change and global warming. Since then, there have been many debates and average temperatures have continued to rise. That is almost complete Scientific Conciseness. If you can’t believe that, you have to think that centuries of University study and procedure are wrong, and not just by a little bit. Let’s put the issue to rest. Let’s move past the argument of whether or not something is happening, and instead discuss what we are going to do about it. This article will discuss our options and and make a recommendation based on my experience. Feel free to send anyone that argues that “Global Warming is a Hoax” this article and we’d be happy to provide a forum … Continue reading Global Warming is Real, and It Is Caused by Humans