Incentives and the Environment

Letter to Reader – Incentives and the Environment


Dear Good Person,

Since the cause to protect the environment is such an important one, and must be worked upon immediately, we will be releasing the book “Incentives and the Environment” in weekly installments.

This will be free to our readers, however if you want a more convenient version, the book is available on Amazon Here – Incentives and the Environment by Robert Tanguay. The book can be read in a day, and your purchase supports our work and independent authors. We hope you appreciate and encourage our work.

Where to Read It?

So here it is, “Incentives and the Environment” by Robert Tanguay

Incentives and the Evironment Book



Contact/Copyright Info

If you would like to use or feature any part of Incentives and the Environment, or any content on these pages, contact the author direct.

Incentives and the Environment ©2017 Robert Tanguay

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